hey , from west Kentucky

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    Retired diesel technician found this forum by searching for older Ford engine & fuel injection information.....This place had good knowledge & advice , so I decided to join . I`ve gotten my wonderful start @ Cummins in Mesquite Texas , & did the last half in Chicago @ Volvo & International . Now turning wrenches for hobby......thanks for the add.....
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    Welcome to Grumpy’s Bronco!
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    welcome too the web site, I hope you can with your experience contribute useful info in any area your comfortable and familiar in.
  4. Indycars

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    Welcome from Oklahoma! WelcomeToGrumpy\'s.gif
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    Welcome Bronco from the Lone Star State!
  6. bronco40

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    thanks ….. this diesel man now trying to get in Ford mode spent 8 yrs in the fuel injection room @ Cummins Engine Co. now Cummins Southern Plains …. had spent time in their classroom being our shop had a school in it (
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    Welcome from Illinois.
    I flip flop around from Auto Repair. Car race shops.
    Diesel trucks.
    Working on School Buses now.
    Many are Cummins Powered. Bluebirds.
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