Hey hey , TCI pistol grip Gate shifter #63005

0F2589FC-A8C9-4739-A2F2-B8421F56B864.jpegHe fellow Grumpters ,
I just got a deal I couldn’t pass on for a TCI #63005 pistol grip ( with 2 12v trigger buttons ) gate shifter . I am enclosing a picture or two. The thing is sweet , it’s small as far as Gates go. 2.5” wide and 9.6”’s long . ( my 1995 corvette has a small cavity in the consul trim) My questions are has anyone installed this guy ? Tips ? Tricks ? Knowledge ? Reviews or comments. Please . The car is a Single wet shot set up . 200 hp . So I can certainly transfer my no2 toggle to it as well as my purge . It’s there for tranny brakes also ( I do not have one )
Any of the above info would be awesome .
GOD bless ,


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