How Many Guns In Civilian Hands Per State


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the numbers he states are absurdly low!
ID bet hes stating totals, considerably less than 15% of reality
keep in mind records are absurdly incomplete and only registered sales are on record,
and theres almost zero records of any sales before 1968,
and most (ghost guns have never been on any records)
(ghost guns are built from parts kits/ 80% receiver's or older actions,
without serial numbers) and thats a very VERY popular hobby)

most likely because most people won't admit to owning a firearm if asked by some pollster!
I don't know many adults here in fla (we rank 30th in the video)
that don't own at least a handgun or a shot gun!
and someone's buying a ton of ammo and keeping the ATF busy with new purchase inquiries, for the last 5 decades,
and you sure can't get a spot at the local shooting ranges most days
theres kits available to build dozens of gun designs,
and what the liberal democrat's can't stand,
is the fact that many firearm enthusiast's don't trust government,
and buy kits and firearm components and reload ammo that can't be tracked,
I was talking to the largest local gun store and he says pallet loads of ammo pass through the doors weekly
and cases of 12 ga OO buck, 22lr, 9mm, 223, 308 win, go out as fast as they come in the door trillion rounds of ammo&ved=2ahUKEwiA6qKs_qTzAhUqRDABHdO2BFUQsKwBKAJ6BAg2EAM

the government says theres at least 20 million assault rifles in civilian hands and theres been at least 3 million new gun owners PER MONTH with new guns
The National Shooting Sports Foundation in collaboration with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives using their Annual Production reports , in December 2019 estimated that approximately 17.9 million AR platform rifles were in private hands in the US.

Dallas based Attorney , and Firearms Civil Rights advocate Colion Noir , using slightly different methods, arrived at a rough estimate of 20 million. He gave that number in his December 20 video “The Truth about Assault Weapons Bans”.

Either way, the AR platform is clearly the SINGLE most common firearm type in the US.
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Grumpy in Pa a long gun sold between private owners does not need a transfer check so there are also a lot of guns that are not counted and I'm sure other states have the same rules

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