how many guys routinely carry at least some type of knife?

Discussion in 'knife related' started by Grumpy, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Grumpy

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    I don,t know what this worlds coming too?
    I stopped over at a neighbors house to talk as I see him out front talking to a second neighbor, as were standing out on the front of his property the UPS truck pulls up, the guy gets out and hands him a large and fairly heavy well taped package thats about 12" x 12" x 30" that weights about 60 lbs and its tapped with that tape with the nylon string embedded in the tape, he signs for it and the UPS guy drives off, he says, anyone got a pocket knife?
    I want to verify that the contents are undamaged while I can still catch up with that ups guy!
    both my neighbors don,t carry a blade of any type???? now I'm certainly not expecting everyone to carry a fighting or survival knife but a common pocket knife of some type has been ,at least in my opinion, been as common and standard pocket contents as keys and a wallet! (and lately a cell phone)
    I carry a small folding pocket knife but I generally also carry a small non-folding sheath knife

    I hand him my pocket knife, flicking the blade open as it comes out of my pocket, and hes absolutely amazed! frankly I don,t see how an adult male functions without some type of sharp edge tool available

    now I'm not a big fan of any type of folding knife but they are common, and useful.
    I vastly prefer a small HIGH QUALITY sheath/belt knife


    two decent values in less expensive hunting knives
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  2. JimmyDuncan

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    I used to always carry a Swiss Army knife (never know when you might need a tooth pick or a pair of barely usable scissors...) on my key-ring. But, with my frequent coming and going at prisons, I eventually took the knife off my keys and its floating around in the glove box of the car now I think.....
  3. rlphvac

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    I've carried a Swiss Army knife for 40 years about a year ago my buddy talked me into getting a Leatherman I told him I didn't need one because I carried a knife well I finally got one & told him I would never use it boy was I wrong I use it 100 times a day & if you don't have one you should get one
  4. Dave

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    I always carry a knife...I would feel naked without one...
  5. Grumpy

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    for the few guys that may not be familiar with the term "LEATHERMAN TOOL"
    they come in several sizes and versions and vary in quality
  6. rlphvac

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    I bought mine from Midway for $20.00 on sale its a Leatherman brand & I beat the hell out of it at work every day and it has not failed me once I think anybody who doesn't have one should try one out
  7. Grumpy

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  8. rlphvac

    rlphvac reliable source of info

    Grumpy there is a big difference between a Leatherman brand & the others I have a good many of the off brands & some of them were not cheap ones none of them compare to the Leatherman especially when sharpening them
  9. 87vette81big

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    A pocket knife I carry daily.
  10. Grumpy

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    Most of us will thankfully not be attacked or mugged, and obviously where you live and what you do for a living will change the odds, but chances are that at some point in your life you may be involved in a robbery, home invasion and having an awareness of your surroundings and having acquired a few basic martial skills may lessen the odds of your becoming a victim.
    now we all watch t.v. and movies, and I've noticed ,the Hollywood types, go to great lengths, to imply anyone who carries a gun, thats not a cop, must be a criminal.
    a fairly well known old saying is
    "a well armed society is a POLITE society"
    REMEMBER its MANDATORY THAT YOU carefully check your CURRENT state and local laws,
    as too what you can, or can not,
    legally carry even with a CCW (concealed carry licence)
    theres a few areas that allow a pistol but no bladed weapons carry.
    I,ve noticed a strong trend in the latest T.V. murder mystery's and similar shows,
    I'm sure the trend is deliberate...

    where a guy who is armed with a concealed carry handgun is attacked,
    and either killed or severely injured
    and showing that being armed with a handgun or knife is worthless
    the unspoken indication is that if your suddenly attacked
    having a concealed carry handgun will be useless,
    as you won,t have the ability to draw it nor use it in a close quarters confrontation.

    now a great deal of this comes down to training and mindset...
    and MAINTAINING YOUR CONSTANT situational awareness , and a minimal safe distance,
    no weapon is useful if you don,t have the skills to use it properly
    no criminal is likely to attack unless he feels he has a big advantage,

    being totally aware of your surroundings can avoid a good deal of risk.....
    avoiding being vulnerable, is the key skill in many confrontations.
    knowing your opponents anatomy and being able to take full advantage of that knowledge is critical!
    no one single wound on an opponent,is likely to stop an attack.

    Criminals will generally not confront someone they think could do them a great deal of physical harm, they look for defenseless and hopefully profitable victim's

    I will say that the vast majority of people with or without a concealed carry handgun,
    don,t have the basic martial arts skills and mental training to nearly instantly go on the defense then transition to offense in seconds.
    and few would have the skills to both protect their vitals from a knife or baseball bat type attack, which both seem to be screen writers favorites.
    I would also point out that a knife thats easily accessed in a shoulder holster rig
    , or belt holster ,
    in some cases would be much faster and easier too deploy effectively,
    in close quarter combat.
    but if your not some semi clueless actor forced to go by scripted actions,,
    you might be amazed at how fast and accurately a handgun might be put into effective defense,
    if you had the martial arts back ground and practice using it.

    [​IMG] Steel-17TZ-Kobun-Fixed Blade
    while a few of us would like to carry like this ,(picture above)
    some lawyer would portray you as a total wacko,
    if you did regardless of the truth, or circumstances.
    even if you were defending yourself.
    something like those below might be better,
    many jurisdictions prohibit, blades exceeding 2.5"
    and only allow
    (folding pocket knifes , with under 2.5" blades be carried concealed)



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  11. ZL1Chevelle

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    One in my pocket, bowie, camp ax and collapsable batons in my rigs.
  12. chasracer

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    I always carry some type of small knife, commonly referred to as a "pen knife". My Dad gave me my first one when I was a kid and I have always had one. Downside is that I have to start remembering that a lot of places - like Kings Dominion in Va and local high schools now scan for metal at the gates. I usually have to hoof it back to car to put my knife away.
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    Grumpy has Kool Stuff.

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