How Many Times Have You Risked Serious Injury

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    I was over at a friends garage where he was doing some rust repair work, on an auto body
    I asked him where the face shield was, and I get this deer in the head lights look.....
    (you can just see him saying ...
    " face shield?? vee don't need a stinking face shield!"

    if you think it can't happen ,
    your delusional!

    how much is your life worth,

    surely spending less than $45 every once in a while,
    to increase your odds of not getting injured,
    is well worth the cost,
    if it prevents a huge potential issue!

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    I reminded him, about one of the guys I hang out with,
    was using a air die grinder , with an abrasive 3" cut off wheel,
    to cut a auto body panel, the wheel jammed and exploded,
    the shrapnel left him with a couple stiches in his shoulder,
    it could easily have been far worse.
    it could have easily hit him in the eyes or throat,



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