How replace composite power steering pulley?


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I lost power steering (Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 1996) , and its the pulley, its no longer press fit, just free wheeling on the pump axle, thats a new one for me :oops:
Dorman sells a replacement pulley, 300-306, can i just hammer the new pulley on? Seems wrong, plastic/composit is brittle.
Any ideas?


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They have a tool for that or make your own with a bolt plus wahers, nut and grease on the washers.


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I take it there is threads in the axle shaft?
Needs cleaning, did not see good, but i thought it looked like an allen wrench would fit?
And it makes me think, why dit i brake, am i wasting my time on an defective pump maybe? It spins easy by hand, and fluid looked good. Continue tomorrow.