how sharp do you keep your knife blades?

Discussion in 'knife related' started by Grumpy, Oct 27, 2017.

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    when I get bored watching T.V. I have occasionally grabbed a few of my quality knives and taken the time to put a true razor shaving sharp edge on the blades, well, as a result, most of my carry and fighting knives have blades,you can or could easily shave with.
    yes if you get careless, you'll pay a price,
    my dad always said.... if your dumb you got to be tough!

    you can easily and effortlessly, shave with, my fighting knives , because my wife selects some of those stupid old re-run murder mystery's and 1970-80s game shows to watch.
    (lots of time to sharpen blades)
    well I picked up one today and it slid about 1/2" out of the sheath and as a result I accidentally touched the blades edge..on my kukri.....
    you guessed it, right to the damn bone on one finger tip, with no effort at all,
    I turn to the wife and said...... get me some paper towels and some super glue....
    and the large band-aids in the medical kit.... she starts to ask why I need it,
    and sees the rather obvious answer on my shirt,
    as I hold the finger next to my chest to apply pressure.
    since Ive cut myself dozens of times working on cars or practicing various martial arts,
    shes familiar with the drill, but shes not happy...
    its minor , I doubt its worth more that 1-2 stitches at most,
    but a bit of antiseptic and pressure and super glue and a couple larger band-aids will do for now.
    mines similar but not this brand

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