How to remove old baked on overspray from a vinyl dash

Discussion in 'Interiors/trim/dashes etc.' started by Unforgiven, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Unforgiven

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    I was looking at my black dash the other day and noticed it had a very light gray tinge to it. After looking really close at it i realized that it was from overspray . I had painted my truck 4 years ago , now this overspray has been baked into the vinyl dash pad by the hot summer sun over this period of time. This is not a show truck but is instead a mud truck, therefore I never give it much thought before.
    What (if any) would be the best way to remove this haze without damaging the vinyl.
  2. Maniacmechanic1

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    Try Spraying it down with Armerol spray.

    Simple Green but it is harsh.

    Try Baby Wipes. They do a good job cleaning grunge.
    Cleans Baby sheet no problem.
  3. Grumpy

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  4. Unforgiven

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    thanks guys, i'll give it a go when i get home tonight
  5. Indycars

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  6. Unforgiven

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    Rick... I actually have some of that I purchased last year. I'll have to look in the front garage and see if it's still there.
    I am going to try the baby wipes first. I will be surprised if they take that paint off.
  7. Maniacmechanic1

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    Baby Wipes remove diesel grease.
  8. Unforgiven

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    Brian, I sure could have used that bit of info Sunday! I dislocated three of my knuckles trying to wash that shit off my hands! LOL
  9. Maniacmechanic1

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    The Wife told me that is how Soldiers clean up at war in middle east.
    Clean up with Baby Wipes.

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