I could get Yella Terra Rocker Arms. Your opinion please.

Discussion in 'Cams, Heads and Valve Trains' started by 55C150, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. 55C150

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    I can get used (10 Drag runs 1/4") Yella Tella YT6008 rocker arms for a third of the new price. My questions is, are they strip / race only use only? I would bolt them in my 55 Chevy 355 cui for street / strip.
    They are looking brand new.

    Yella Stella information

    If I buy these I have to change the rocker arm studs to 7/16".
    What are your opinions?
  2. Maniacmechanic1

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    They are used by the LS Chevy guys or were in the past.
    I have never used them.
    Some said they are great.
    Been told by others they are junk.
  3. Grumpy

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  4. Hap

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    Hey 55C150,

    Have some experience with the Yella Terra (YT) rocker arms for SBC Gen 1 you are looking at.
    You can run them on a street / strip engine no problem.
    They are very high quality stuff, but definitely not a direct bolt on rocker.

    Setup is completely different than what Jesel or T&D has, and takes quite a bit of effort to get all alignments right.
    The ones you are looking at has a single shaft for each pair of rockers.
    However there are separate pedestals and bolts for each rocker that need to be adjusted for proper height.
    The threads on the YT mounting bolts are 7/16"; and should fit if you already have 7/16" screw in studs in your heads.
    Depending on what brand heads you have, you may need to machine your heads to clear the pedestals and shims.

    The YT rocker pedestals and mounting bolts are proprietary, and expensive!
    Other bad news is my experience with getting support or parts from YT Australia is not good.
    I was able to get help from dealers here in the US, as well as independent guys in AU.
  5. 55C150

    55C150 Well-Known Member

    Hey Hap,
    thank you for this information. I think it is better to buy comp cams or crane rocker arms. This should be the easier way.

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