I found this SBC build info posted else ware but thought it might interest someone


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obviously they left out some info and some info looks purposely miss leading,
if the goal was to build an 800 hp plus engine ,
ID have selected a 540-556 cid BBC and built it for LESS money than that SBC,
and use parts that can handle the stress levels with a greater strength reserve

Good fast bracket race 438 cid SBC engine on the dyno today built by Steve Dickey for his son Blake Dickey. The engine will be going in 2480 lb 63 Chevy II NOVA.

827 hp at 7600
621.8 tq at 6300
798 avg hp
588 avg tq
6300-8000 rpm

438 cid
Dart Little M2 block
4.175 bore
4.000 stroke
15.8 compression
CP Piston
1.00mm, 1.00mm, 2.00mm ring package
.391 Raised Cam
BBC Cam Core
.904 BAM Lifters
23 deg Profiler 3.0V by Speier Racing Heads
Edelbrock 2971 manifold
LRC 2.25 blade carb
1 3/4" - 1 7/8" Headers
3 1/2" collectors
Star Vacuum Pump
VP Q16 fuel


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