I hate those dam deer!

Discussion in 'tales of the hunt' started by chromebumpers, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. chromebumpers

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    They hang out close to my house and throughout the entire yard. I think it’s deer that make this horribly loud screaming noise at night, sound like it’s just out the back door. They’re (bucks) rubbing the hell out of the expensive trees I planted about 5 years ago. Lost 2 - 3” diameter October Fire Maples and severely damaged 4 more. This year I have to get the wire fence around the tree trunks before it’s too late.
  2. chromebumpers

    chromebumpers solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    We have a lot of beautiful Red Fox in the yard. They hunt for mice and moles so they’re not on my shit list. Haven’t seen the bear yet this season. It was muddying the pond by fishing at the pond’s edge. She pushes the dirt bank into the pond.
  3. rlphvac

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    At least you have deer I've been seeing nothing at the farm this year I hear there is a fever killing them off
  4. chromebumpers

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    The farmer up the lane from me bagged a huge Buck on my property last season. He’s continuing this season too trying to get the other big buck roaming around. He’s taken every measure you could take. He brought his tractor to the back field tilling and planting watermelon corn, soy and sun flowers. A virtual candy store for deer! He’s got a few tree stands, blocked off some paths the deer use, how can he miss?

    The other day we (the wife and I) were watching a 6 point buck grazing about 30 ft off my back porch.?" They don’t fear much right now, another three weeks and they all disappear!
  5. Grumpy

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    you need a freezer, lots of zip loc bags and a decent 70 lb bow with a 31" draw and some carbon arrows with the correct broad heads.
    yes the high draw weight and heavy broad heads are occasionally required to punch through both shoulders
    Obviously youll want too, check the local game laws and get the required licence,

    archery equipment has far less noise and is extremely lethal in skilled/ practiced hands,
    it generally won,t drop a deer instantly, but a well placed arrow with the razor sharp broad head is 100% lethal in seconds,
    no gunshot noise means fewer nosy neighbors, high lung shots that clip the spine and punch thought the shoulder,
    leave little blood but are rapidly fatal,
    as are liver and heart shots but both those leave a trail of blood that a blind guy could trail
    practice till punching a dixie cup at 30 yards is consistently easy to hit


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  6. Grumpy

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    one of the guys I hunt with read my response above and ask me why I did not suggest a rifle?
    yeah theres no question a rifle or handguns much easier too use, and just as lethal.
    but most jurisdictions and towns have ,stacks of regulations designed to make discharge of a firearm,
    near a residence or inside city limits a major legal problem, archery use is generally ignored,
    or even approved of, provided you have the required paper work and its done during approved dates.
    besides, once your familiar with the proper use of archery equipment, youve gained a new skill and probably hobby!
    BTW, most adults start with a 50 lb draw weight bow,
    but over time youll learn the advantages of a bit more draw weight, you may also prefer a compound bow... those can get rather expensive and are not required,
    but you can generally get a good serviceable one thats several years,old, at a local pawn shop,
    for well under $100, most are in like new condition having seen little use.
    theres a few guys that seem fixated on owning the latest version of bow,
    what they don,t seem to grasp, is that a decent bow in the hands of someone familiar with its use,
    have been killing deer for over a hundred thousand years,
    and while newer and faster has advantages equipment thats decades old,
    is just as lethal in skilled hands.
    the two bows I use are both over 30 years old...Ive seen nothing on sale thats even marginally better in my opinion.
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  7. T-Test

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    I have a Bear recurve bow made in 1959 with the gold medallion in it and have been offered $20,000.00 for from Fred Bears son in person. Not for sale. I've used this bow for over 40 years and it still is deadly. But alas, I have come to modern times with a compound bow as well as a cross bow which I use mostly now because of my health..
    In N.C. we have a program for inner city deer management that you must use bows only because of populated areas and fire arms laws. It's all good to be able to hunt 7 days a week and be legal at any time or place as long as you follow the laws.
  8. stepside

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    IMG_20181020_101318.jpg we have deers ,mooses and reindees everywhere here in north side
  9. chromebumpers

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