I Messed Up My Body Mount Nut

I need some advice. I replaced my 6 Body Mount Bushings on my 80 Camaro. I messed up the last Bushing by not aligning it correctly and stripped the Body Mount Nut. Its location is the Left side below the drivers seat.

Can I use a Steel Taper Hand Tap to create new Threads in the Nut?

Or maybe insert a Helicoil into the Nut?

Or any other advice to fix my problem? (FYI – I don’t have a welder or don’t have access to anyone who welds).

Thanks for the Help!



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thats one reason I've frequently suggested..

you might be amazed at how often some guy living near you has tools and valuable experience that might be very helpful

yes there is some chance you can re-tap the damaged threads
or just replace all the body mounts with better aftermarket versions

34142R Body Mount
I successfully cleaned up my stripped Body Mount Nut. First, I used a 5/8- 11 Carbon Steel Taper Tap, followed by a 5/8-11 TiCN Coated High-Speed Steel Bottoming Tap. I tighten up a new bolt and torqued it to 75 ft-lbs.