I see lots of guys buying STRIPPED lower AR receivers, but

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    At my age/health, I just want dependable more so than quality for I won't be going out "hunting" . He's a knowledgeable guy but not my tactics anymore. And all opinions that are his is not Gospel. You know that in your years of trial and error with different guns and ammo.
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    the link was placed simply to provide some info, and yes I fully agree that much of it must be carefully evaluated and "taken with a grain of salt" as they say.
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    Also what you can afford and get close to the same results. Never found a perfect all around gun of any kind. Just what each person prefers. Kinda like a Caddillac CTS or a VW beetle.
    Apples to oranges.
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    yeah. Ive found the M14/M1a1 is very versatile, as a do almost anything rifle,
    it could be used by any experienced rifleman to do about anything a rifle is used for.
    keep in mind a big game rifle caliber can be an exceptional defensive cartridge, but the smaller military cartridges generally lack massive stopping power ,
    and longer range that the better hunting cartridges possess in abundance,

    thus neither class of rifle is ideal for both applications , but you can be certain the larger hunting calibers tend to have more than adequate lethality potential.
    you would not generally select a 340 weatherby as the ideal rifle to stop hordes of jap soldiers in a bonzi charge ,
    or a 223 rem ar15, for man eating lion hunting at extremely close range, but each have the potential of lethality,

    but a M1A1 would not be a problem in either scenario in the hands of an experienced rifleman with selected ammo., like a 180 grain nosler partition bullet
    military, based rifle designs MUST be durable and dependable, and at least semi accurate. they must have good parts interchangeability , and be designed to operate under less than ideal conditions with minimal cleaning and maintenance.
    but a BLR in 450 MARLIN,
    or a 340 weatherby fiber-mark stainless bolt action rifle,
    I would certainly not feel I was severely limited if I had to use a BLR or WEATHERBY to hunt for big game

    that weatherby is also rather useful if HUNTING is the main goal, but it also has very good , very long range potential.
    the BLR marlin 450 is about a 400 yard max rifle the M1A1 could with a decent scope and ammo stretch to 800 yards, the wby could rather easily add additional 400 yards over the M1A1 with the right scope and ammo
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    All great rifles until you get to the big bores. I can't shoot my 308 Remington all day long as it is just too much to handle. Sighted in at 1000 meters but it is a young man that shoots it most of the time.

    Funny how you buy a rifle so and so for around a thousand bucks and you put a $2000.00 scope on it along with bipod and other accy's. Go figure-- and then you can't shoot it anymore.

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