I spent a couple hours at the local range using cast loads in a 458 win

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    about 37 years ago I was standing in a local gun-shop when a guy walked in wanting to sell the owner several rifles , one of them was a remington 458 win mag,
    the owner saw me looking it over and I think knew he had a potential instant sale,
    on at least one rifle, and said too the guy that he would give the guy (X) amount for the four rifles,
    he had brought in to sell, and when the guy agreed, too the offer, he wrote him a check, for that amount, and after the guy left.
    I ask the gun-shop owner what he wanted for the 458 win mag,
    BOB the gun shop owner, was a good friend , he could have easily gotten $800 even back then, so he smiled and stated he had just paid $400 for that rifle, and knowing that I liked big bore rifles he would let me walk out with it for $450,
    (he knew in the long run it was good business sense)
    which was at that time still a very decent deal ,as a used remington custom 700 bdl easily cost several hundred more than that even back in the late 1980s, so I wrote him a check....knowing ID catch hell from the wife..... but I simply could not pass on a deal ID be very unlikely to see repeated. ( I figured if I showed her what they cost vs what ID paid it would at least minimize the fight intensity... she was not thrilled but we worked out a few personal compromises, favoring her future requests , and she was willing to accept the transaction. )
    BOB later told me one reason he purchased the group of rifles was he felt sure he could make a small profit on the transaction almost instantly, as he saw a twinkle in my eye looking at the rifle in question, and he was sure that he would make out on the others at the price he paid.

    http://handloads.com/loaddata/default.asp?Caliber=458 Winchester Magnum&Weight=All&type=rifle&Order=Powder&Source=

    well this picture I found posted could be its twin!
    I quickly purchased reloading dies and found that the rifle was exceptionally accurate with reduced velocity hand loads.
    the nei, 355 grain bullet with a gas check sized to .459 over a load of 50 grains of RL7 and a 215 fed primer became my standard reduced load that has been used frequently on deer and hogs.
    I doubt the load hits 1500 fps but its deadly on deer and hogs out past 100 yards and its recoil is rather mild, its effectively a mid power 45/70 class load.
    off a good bench rest on a day I shoot well, a 2" 5 shot group at 100 yards, is very common with those gas check cast bullet reduced loads
    most of my groups were in the 2"-3" range,
    but I was just relaxing , not really concentrating and several guys saw me shooting and asked what caliber I had..
    when I showed them a 458 win, cartridge they seem amazed ,
    especially when the rifle obviously was not kicking the crap out of me ,
    off the bench rest....
    I've always been one of the guys that can,t understand why ,
    if your seriously into shooting that you don,t see hand-loading as almost mandatory.
    after all with hand-loads you can custom tailor the bullet type, weight and velocity and in many cases increase accuracy and drastically reduce the cost of ammo.
    I can hand load ammo for the 458 win with hard cast gas check ammo for under 35 cents a shot,
    factory ammo costs a bit more,like $5 a cartridge,
    obviously the factory ammo's using full power loads with jacketed bullets, which is un-necessary for hunting deer/hogs or even elk











    with mild hand loads you get more than 10-12 loads out of a brass case before to wears out (more if you learn to anneal brass)




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