if youve got a camaro,nova etc, this may help

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    not quite sure how your set up, but if youve got a leave spring rear like many early camaros and novas, this type of traction assistance bar MIGHT help

    simple and effective, they are a big improvement overs most other traction bars
    keep in mind these caltracs won,t cure every problem and adding individually adjustable air shocks helps a great deal, and they tend to work better than snubber bars once youve installed frame connectors and decent rear springs and a roll cage is highly recomended as it significantly stiffens the body to get the body flex issues under control
    http://www.corbettsauto.com/1969_camaro ... _parts.htm


    Bottom hole – Softer LOADING, moves IC forward, and has less effect

    More Pre-load, Softer LOADING,

    Less Pre-load, more air gap, results in harder LOADING,

    If car pulls to the right add a quarter to a half turn of pre-load to the right bar and visa versa.

    Set front shocks reasonably soft, max travel

    Set rear shocks on minimum, if car wants to bounce on launch go to 6 or 7 or (harder).

    If car spins,the tires excessively it needs harder hit, and check for full tire contact with pavement

    Too much wheel stand…. GO WITH A Softer LOAD SETTING , restrict front suspension travel, increase tire air pressure slightly

    now many guys I know have never seen these traction bars (above) so Ill point them out, most guys are more familiar with these (BELOW)
    [​IMG] which tend to be heavier and don,t generally work as effectively.




    http://www.maxchevy.com/tech/2008/iii_9 ... ion-1.html


    one more in an ENDLESS LIST of reasons owning a decent WELDER is a GREAT IDEA!
    Id bet almost any serious hot rodder will save enough over a couple years to easily pay for a decent MIG or TIG welder several times, over in both repairs and lower cost on buying parts he could more easily make custom.




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