Installing a Weiand 177 Supercharger

Discussion in 'Superchargers, Turbos, Nitrous' started by Thunderbolt, May 6, 2019.

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    They do plug up easy with Mud K&N we found that out dirt track racing in past.
    Have to use an Allstar foam cover around the K&N.
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    Thank you Brian... I keep forgetting that I am only one of the few on this site that plays in mud.
    It's a different ballgame than on the street.
  3. Maniacmechanic1

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    I miss Stock car dirt track racing local.
    Just big events now.... $50-$100 per person at the gate to get in.

    Little guy Saturday night races were $5 bucks & kids under 12 got in free.
    I worked there so I got in free.
    Track Mechanic.
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    I like those old V series Detroit Diesels Nightstalker.
    Sound like nothing else running.

    Built tough.
  6. Night_Stalker

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    gear driven blower,I worked on em when I worked for the city transit system back in Philly. Thay were mounted on a angle in the rear.
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    The way thay sat in a bus was a PITA to work on Maniac.When I moved to NJ I got a job at a privately owned Trucking Co real close to home.The owner loved Freightliner Cab overs with Cummins Power. I had to relearn to work on inline 6's,I got good at it & had plenty of owner operators who wanted me to wrench on theirs.Now a days everyone uses a conventional Tractor,rare to see a cab over anymore.
    Now Im basically working on Maxon Hyd lift gates on the Co fleet. I been with this Co for 23 years"Night Work"I dont do day's & i'm about to hang it up & retire.I do have some plans for the 93 & finally have the time. I had a hat trick going with the 78, 85,90. Sold them & got the 93 to play with.Catch ya later Im going to bed.I keep the same schedule on my days off. Fri night & sat night.Then back to the grind Sunday night.
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    Taking time off.
    Working with my Bud Ed Fabbing at night.
    I am an early morning riser 4-5 am.
    He is A night owl.
    Kinda tough to keep going after 11pm for me.

    Need insurance for the wife and kids.
    Diesel Fleet Repair best for for me long term I know.
    Live pretty far to work deep into Chicago.
    Traffic is murder and roads not good here present.
    Ok by me in the country by my farmhouse.
    Fall - late summer is the wave of hiring for diesel mechanics here.
    Have my CDL class B.
    Need to take Air brake endorsement yet at the local DMV.
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  10. Thunderbolt

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    Just came home from Sweden`s biggest car meeting/cruising, a 200 mile road trip to get there, towing a 3500 lbs caravan with the supercharged Impala, and it worked without any issues :), well some small things, the temp gauge suddenly showed about 10 more degrees celsius, but the e-fan also started 10 degrees higher, so my conclusion is that the gauge is wrong, its a real cheap one.

    The vacuum source for the modulator was tested under this tour, and it needs to be under the blower to shift correct, both to get the shift points right and to avoid slip att part throttle when boost is almost in.
    i will be ordering the Transgo VBP-VAC, but the thought of it blowing air fuel mixture out in the engine compartment makes me wonder if i should went it in the air cleaner for saftey?!

    I also feel it needs more timing, runing 32-33 right now, did run 40 without the blower, accidently run 44 when first running with the blower and it felt way more agressive in the midrange, never drove WOT at the first test drive with the blower, so no damage.
    E85 burns slower at part throttle, but almost like gas at WOT, that is a mix of my conclusions and what i have found on the internet... I have locked out timing, maybe sounds strange, but it was the only solution that gave good idle and throttle respons when running NA.

    The throttle linkage needs some tweeking, its to short stroke, and needs to much force to be comfortable.

    And, the LAW caught me :D and did not approve with the air cleaner sticking out of the hood, "it was dangerous if i would hit a pedestrian" (Crazy) :eek: so i have to go to the "car inspection" and show up with, i dont know, no blower and stock hood, or maybe a scoop will make them satisfied, thinking about this: since it can ship to Sweden, and i can mount it with som small "quick fasteners", (i would like help to what fasteners to buy from summit)
  11. Grumpy

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    Im happy to hear the trip went rather well,
    posting pictures of the hood and air cleaner assembly,
    with the hood open, and closed,

    might provide members with more info to provide you with several options
  12. Indycars

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    How much experience with body work do you have? Looks like your about to get some more!
  13. T-Test

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    Well you can just send it to me so I can install on my Bucket which doesn't have a hood---or top---or fenders----or doors. I'll pay for shipping and Customs.:D:D:D;);););)
  14. Thunderbolt

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  15. Thunderbolt

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    Small, and late, update, with the kickdown cable installed WOT shifts work as they should, regulated by the governor :D
    I may still hook up the Transgo VBP-VAC because near WOT shifts are still "no upshift".

    Need to make and install a 1/2" fuel line, thinking of drilling a hole in the fuel tank and mount a bulkhead fitting, and not use the old fuel sending unit, any thoughts about that?
    How do a make a straight and nice looking fuel line from a roll of tubing? :confused: Think it will look like crap :oops:

    Fuel gauge has stopped working a few years ago, its the sending unit, could be E85 related, or 50 years of use, how knows?
    Why dont they make new sending units with vent like stock? Only not vented, wont work, vented gas cap will spray fuel when accelerating.

    A new distributor is planned, the magnetic pickup seems to have low voltage output, the Crane ignition box can hardly detect the signal (LED signal light) when cranking, only starts with fully charged battery, measured about 0.2 volt AC from the pickup when cranking, a used MSD distributor turned by hand measured about 0.5 volt AC.
    The old distributor is a "remote coil TBI distributor" gutted with only the magnetic pickup left, low buck solution...

    Any suggestions about spark plugs? Use NGK XR5 now, should i run non projected tips? I think thats not required at this low boost, 6-7 psi?
    No issues yet, just time for a tune up.
    No racing, just cruising, some trailer towing, and occasional short WOT runs for fun :D
  16. T-Test

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    Are you using a vacuum canister/tank? Put 2 on there with check valves and it it should help. I use to make them out of tomato 24oz. juice cans and Ford one way check valves.
  17. Loves302Chevy

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    Didn't FORD also make them out of tomato juice cans? :rolleyes:
  18. Thunderbolt

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    I think i may have been missunderstod, the TransGo VBP-VAC is a valve that divorce boost from the transmission vacuum modulator, i have plenty of vacuum under the carb for the brakes. I can not use the vacuum source under the carb for the transmission, its to much and the trans will slip.
  19. T-Test

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    Ford also made an inline vacuum re stricter that looks like an orifice tube for a car AC system.

    Not exactly what I had in mind, but better as it is adjustable and can screw into intake.
    Screenshot-2020-1-19 Peterson Fluid Systems Adjustable Vacuum Regulator JEGS.png

    And help for making a vacuum cam. Just solder nipples on can and place in line from/to source/transmission.

    Screenshot-2020-1-19 Caspers Electronics Vacuum Check Valves JEGS.png
  20. Unforgiven

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    NGK R5671A-8 they are spot on

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