interesting florida hog hunt video


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this guys hunting hogs with a 22 rimfire magnum, and doing it successfully,
the video, shows rather typical southern Florida hunt terrain and conditions,
and obviously if you can hunt hogs successfully with a 22 rimfire magnum,
doing so with a 357 mag, 44 mag carbine or handgun,
or something like a 7.62/39 (AK ammo) or a 223 rem, (AR15 ammo)
is more than adequate especially when shots over 75 yards are rare!
the one thing I don't recommend, that this guy does,
is running around bare foot as there's plenty of poisonous snakes , and cactus and thorn bushes in Florida
Id also recommend ,
spending the time and effort in practice,
getting good with your weapon of choice in rapid accurate fire,
you'll figure out why very rapidly when you gain experience


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Besides no shoes if you walk through the brush in Pa. like that in shorts you will be bleeding worse than that shot hog