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    I'm 73 years old and still into " OLD SCHOOL " rides. I have a 69 AMX an,d a 56 Ford PU truck. At the present time I am trying to rebuild a 2004r transmission without special tools and not a real good place to work. I have overhauled 350,400,727,C4,904,FMX,POWERGLUIDE,S and others but let tell you this 2004r has been the hardest, so I'm thinking this site might help me out.
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    200-R4 Transmission, more stuff, rebuild, learnin…:

    Rick is getting ready to build another 200R4 soon of his own.
    He did lots of fancy tricks.

    Every trans has its build secrets.
    No single article or source online tells you all.
    Many Pros keep secrets.

    Turbo 400 is most Foolproof.
    Bulletproof on a tight or large budget.

    Rick does a great job telling all.
    So Hang out with us.
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    Welcome texasamx.
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