is a roller cam worth the extra cost vs a flat tappet design

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    The issues seem to hit BBC harder then SBC as far as lifters holding up on the street I just started a little questionnaire on another forum to get some better answers. This was my exact post you guys can feel free to do the same in any other posts to add to the information database. I found allot different info on the subject and allot got confusing due to lack of complete info. I also found a good video I am gonna pm to grumpy if he likes it I am sure it will make it's home in thread it belongs in.

    Yes I have read numerous threads on here and all over the net on this subject so lets put down the facts here this thread will help others so lets just keep this on roller solid camshafts not hydraulic rollers, flat tappet hydraulics or solid flat tappet lifters please. I am gonna make a list of questions please answer to best of your knowledge. On all the discussions there are so many variables and inconsistent results because the answer to these questions are not stated. This should help show some patterns.
    1. What engine are you running a roller solid in? Big Block, Small Block, Generation such as LT1 or LS and it's cubic inch diameter
    2. What is the general purpose of your car? Is it a street car, daily driver, street track, street race, show car, etc
    3. How many miles do you drive a year?
    4. How many miles on your current set of lifters?
    5. What maintenance and/or modifications do you do to keep them alive? like a rev kit, grooved lifter bores, pre oiler, shaft rockers, rocker stud gurdle, replace or rebuild twice a year that kind of info
    6. Have you had a failure and at how many runs and/or miles?
    7. What are your valve spring specs?
    8. How much lift?
    9. Any other info you want to share?
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    that should prove rather interesting IF you get VALID data from dozens of VALID sources,
    the only issue is that your sure to get at least a few totally bogus $%^& responses, that need to be screened out
  3. Strictly Attitude

    Strictly Attitude reliable source of info

    I have a few so far along with other posts I have read in my searching on the subject. I do believe I am getting close to making an educated decision.

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