Ive never dealt with this vendor, but this appears to be a decent price on primers currently


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obviously just having inventory to sell is a plus lately:like:
yeah the picture on the adds wrong, this picture below is the federal 215 primers


yeah $30 for shipping's excessively high for a box that's about 3.5" x 3.5" x 10" max and under 2 lbs,
per 1000 primers
but currently that's certainly not surprising or rare.

215 federal primers are currently rather hard to locate/purchase at least around here
If I needed some ,currently,
ID call and ask if you purchased 5-10 K worth of primers, what the shipping would be?

shipping on 10K of primers, should be less than $80 realistically
on 10K of primers as far as weight and size wise
\ but Id bet they are in fact using the higher shipping charges as a way to hide and increase profits
if they sold me 10K worth of primers for lets say $670 , delivered I might go for it
but then I tend to reload in batches of 1000 cartridges, (like 308 win, that, I use those primers for,
and many guys don't get into reloading batches that size,
IM guessing they charge what the current market allows them to get away with,
that's one reason you should buy in batches of 5-10 k or more, in components,

as prices only tend to go up over time!
by next year that might look like a BARGAIN

BTW powders like
VARGET, WW748, IMR 4895, h414, H4350

and 165-168 grain , or 172-180 grain bullets ,
all tend to work decently in the 308 win

check your load manual for details
max pressure and velocity rarely are the most consistently accurate,
especially in the semi auto clone rifles like M1A1, FAL, G3, AR10,
Springfield Armory Saint Victor 308, browning BLR, BROWNING BAR,
RIMINGTON 7600 or one of dozens of top quality 308 bolt actions

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