Jumping Head First Into Engine Repair Costs Is A Potentially Bottomless Pit


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I recently had a neighbors son ask me for advice on getting his 327 sbc engine rebuilt,
he had purchased a set of (CORVETTE HEADS)
unfortunately, they were off a 1984 crossfire corvette and are in rather a poor condition,
I advised him to look into acquiring much better heads,
and suggested strongly that he,
should be doing more research into his engine rebuild before purchasing any more parts,
and I advised him to not bothering with dumping cash into those particular, cylinder heads,
but he decided to get the "CORVETTE HEADS" he had rebuilt.
I pointed out that he should NOT be jumping head first into engine repair,
as cost that might be involved are a potentially bottomless pit,
that advice, of course, conflicted with his expectations,
and without a comprehensive list of firm machine shop quotes,
and a list of parts and a very detailed inspection of all the existing parts and machine work costs.
he was looking at a much more expensive project than he might envision.
this is one reason many people get discouraged,with this performance hobby.
even if they were the revered FUELIE HEADS,
thats a 60 year older cylinder head technology thats been far surpassed decades ago,

and yeah when I was much younger I hated hearing that I was about to screw-up
or my " plans" were unlikely to work out as I envisioned.
but with experience and research comes KNOWLEDGE and hopefully WISDOM

thats a very valid point, to consider, thinking things through before you open your wallet generally helps a great deal,
as there are a lot of much better heads that could rather easily boost performance significantly,
and that head repair work will most likely cost at least $300 plus.
well the cost he was quoted was about $370 to install screw in rocker studs,
get a valve job, and new valve seals .. and as frequently happens he gets a call a few days later ,
that his heads are in need of a few other bits of machine work,
like repairing the guides new springs decking etc. the end result was a bill for $530!
and he has not even started to look at the short block, or performance parts.
even if the #624 heads were new they would be best left off a performance engine build,
as other heads can easily provide enough better air flow that you could potentially gain 40-60 hp extra ,
with better heads and properly matched components


just a bit of info on those stock #624 head flow rates

read this










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