just because its no longer made does not make it a bad choice

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    I was asked by one of the guys I hunt with occasionally, who does not own a shotgun,
    why I suggested he borrow my, Ithaca 10 ga road blocker ,shotgun,
    for a hog hunt he was intending to go on, where the land owner specifically stated "SHOTGUNS ONLY"
    IF your limited to a shotgun,for close range big game I think you should at least consider a 10 ga
    and when I gave him that option, he pointed out that that 10ga shotgun was no longer in production.
    "I have no idea why that would matter, that the guns no longer in production,
    if the guns still 100% dependable"

    the Ithaca 10 ga road blocker holds two in the magazine and one in the chamber , the legal max for some areas.its very effective, Ive used one for decades.




    I explained that the Ithaca 10 ga road blocker was about the most lethal weapon he could have in his hands as a 10 ga 3.5" shotgun
    I,ve spent a great deal of time hog hunting, here in florida, brush tends to be thick, ranges short and a
    1 3/4OZ slug loaded for stationary first shots followed by two 18 pellet 00 buckshot shells in the magazine
    does an outstanding job at dropping hogs at under 45-50 yards if the person shooting has decent skills.
    no 12 ga would provide quite the same weight of shot and since you rarely get more than one or two shots you may as well maximize the payload.
    yes 10 ga ammo is expensive compared to 12 ga, but I doubt youll go through more than a dozen cartridge/shells in a couple days hunting hogs, before you shoot more than you want too eat.

    Lead shot comparison chart
    Below is a chart with diameters per pellet and weight for idealized lead spheres.

    Size Type Weight Diameter (in) Diameter (mm)
    0000 Buck 82 grains 0.38 9.65
    000½ Buck 76 grains 0.37 9.4
    000 Buck 70 grains 0.36 9.14
    00½ Buck 59 grains 0.34 8.64
    00 Buck 53.8 grains 0.33 8.38
    0 Buck 49 grains 0.32 8.13
    #1½ Buck 44.7 grains 0.31 7.87
    #1 Buck 40.5 grains 0.30 7.62


    a 10 ga can easily be loaded to throw 2.25 OZ of buckshot
    thats easily 16-18.... 00 buckshot

    now I use an ithaca mag 10 ga for most of my duck hunts
    but I can assure you that a great deal of the FELT recoil can be REDUCED through the use of a vest with a decent shoulder pad sewn into it.
    no matter what gun you sellect I would think thats a worth while option as it spreads and softens the impact noticeably
    you might not be shooting 2.25" loads of shot from a 3.5" 10 ga. but no mater what shotgun youve selected a proper recoil absorbing shoulder pad might be a good idea!




    the standard 12 ga buckshot load is 9 OO buck and mag loads only hold 12 OO buck

    that 10 GA is throwing -50%-100% more OO buckshot than a 12 GA
    and a 10 GA slug is 1 3/4 or 2 full OZ vs 7/8 OZ or 1 OZ for the 12 ga.






    BTW both browning and remington sell or sold 10 ga pump or semi-auto shotguns recently,
    \ so Ithaca mag 10 is not your only option in a 10 ga repeater,
    I've tried shooting all three and personally prefer ,
    and purchased the Ithaca mag 10 as a result.
    but any of the three provide an experienced and well practiced owner,
    with a good basic weapon that packs impressive knock down power,
    if you can handle these 10 ga shotguns, remain cool under stress and shoot well ,
    there,s a sense of security knowing ,
    nothing walking can get too you if you load 3,
    ...1 3/4 oz federal slug loads


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    you can easily save about 1/2 the cost of 10 ga ammo, in bulk if you purchase the tools and materials required, in bulk volume, and the reloading press, too hand-load, but the break even point will be close to 600-700 shells, and I doubt most guys will go through 100 shells a year, thus spending close to the cost of those 600-700 shells, that cost over $2 each from the factory, going into the project vs a lower expense a year might be prohibitive, on the plus side once you buy the press and materials you can get 5-8 reloads out of each shell case, and you can make or buy shotgun slugs and bird or buckshot from scrap lead, or buy in bulk commercially available options.
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