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a well made kukri is a great tool and yes originally potentially a weapon in skilled hands
by design its a reasonably short, & easy to transport
(compared to an axe with similar cutting potential)
it is primarily a chopping and slicing blade design'
(that has been proven endlessly as and for century's as an effective tool & weapon)
that can cut far deeper and more efficiently than most people will believe,
once you master the way it should be used.
its basically an AXE you can wear in a sheath on your belt.
Ive used a kukri as my basic larger blade while back=packing and hunting for several decades.
its not used for dressing out game, other than cutting a few 12-14ft lodgepole pine, poles, to use as a tri-pod,
with a block &tackle to hoist an elk to make dressing it out where it fell far easier,
but its used anyplace most people might use a hatchet or axe.

Id suggest
at least a 8mm or 5/16" minimum thick spine:D
, full tang design,:)
and 600 gram minimum weight and a 11"-13" max blade
and pay a bit extra for a kydex sheath
I own several, two of the cold steel versions, like the picture posted here

(purchased 30 years ago and a marginally different san-mai design)
for $200 each which was a bargain,

and one cheap one made in NORTHERN INDIA,
they all work and they spend 99.8% of the time cutting wood
and keep in mind if they were used to stab and rapidly jab, flick defense cuts
its geometry enhances the flesh cutting result.



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The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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