Leaked out of GM, new mid-engine vette is $169,900 fully loaded...

Discussion in 'corvette related misc.' started by chromebumpers, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. chromebumpers

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    Thats just plain nuts if you ask me. Just picture having to bring it back for News and you get an Enterprise loaner - a base model Malibu or a Camery and while you’re waiting help your self to some store brand coffee and read some remnants of today’s paper. If GM charges that much there should be valet service, comparable loaners like a Caddy CTSV and an upscale lounge area.

    Besides, even If its correct, GM has lost their mind. I would Never buy a Chevrolet for 169k. I can buy a pre-owned 2017 Mclaren 570S for $145k with less than 4k miles and with a 3-year unlimited mile warranty. I can buy an Audi R8 for under that price. That is a hand-built car with a hand-built V10. Even the Viper was hand-built and came in at just $100k.” How about a turbo Porsche? Don’t get me started! GM isn’t ready to eliminate 70% of their customer base.
    Maybe customers can get one of these for a play pal
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  2. Grumpy

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    if thats the prices its maket share will be so small, the economics won,t support its manufacture for very long and it will be at best a couple years before its canceled,
    when the economics of scale vs cost are considered its generally not worth producing a car in less than 40K plus batches.
  3. chromebumpers

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    Maybe if it was a one off car like no other as in the Ford GT. Can you imagine the training of technicians to work on a totally specialized car like the mid engine vette for the proposed 1500 to 2500 units per year?
  4. Maniacmechanic1

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    The Bar has been raised so high now with that Hellephant.
    The Top Dog race to Win C8 model must have 1000 HP Baseline Twin Turbo.
    No one will buy any unless the Hero Race car has 1000 HP special model.

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