links that may help. adapters, brackets mounts etc.


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sooner or later most guys think about engine swaps, sticking a BBC or an , LS1,LS2, LS7 in thier corvette, cobra kit car,nova, or chevelle, etc. seems like a good IDEA.
in many cases its a simple deal thats been done many times and the infos available if you research it, in others its fairly rare, (like sticking a buick turbo V6 in a corvette),
one little trick Ive used is to mock up motor mounts with plexi-glass and glue, too check angles. and clearances , simply because its cheap, and you can cut, grind and drill it very easily and see thru it to mark bolt holes ETC.
once youve got the model correct you duplicate it in 1/4" steel. another advantage is if your not skilled at welding you can hand the plex-glass model over at your local machine shop and just say "duplicate this in steel please"

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BTW heres some sources for parts and info ... adapt1.htm ... apter=7628

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