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Below is a collection of documents I've collected off the web in regards to making a G-Body handle. ... index.html

* Buick GS X-tra
o May/June 1999, page #7: Auto X GN (213k PDF) ... o_x_gn.pdf

* Mike Donovan's Monte Carlo site:
o G-body steering and suspension mods (external web site) ... steer.html

o Suspension mods (external web site) ... nsion.html

* Sport Compact Car Magazine
o August 2005, page 120: Making it Stick - Suspension Tuning Guide (1.8mb PDF) ... 0guide.pdf

* Making a G-Body Handle (208k PDF) ... handle.pdf

* Hot Rod Magazine - Project G-Force.
o Part 2: Chassis Tuning the Monte Carlo (external web site)
o Finale: The Completed Monte Carlo Hits the Pavement (external web site) ... index.html ... index.html ... 0chart.pdf

* Moog Spring Chart (187k PDF)

reading links and sub linked info may not be fun,
but you may be amazed at the amount of wasted time and money,
you can save from being wasted with the info gained in the process
you may not find the link you need, specifically,
but the info you do read, should make you think,
and question the process, ask the related questions,
and look at all your options carefully.
and yes if your installing a suspension, measure accurately several times..
assume nothing is correct until its carefully verified several times,
and yes your very likely to make mistakes,
so Id suggest you measure with the suspension and tires sitting on the ground,
before, you decide on tires, clearances , Finnish welding of the suspension links , spring perches, drive shaft angles etc. are finalized/ begins
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