Looking for cam options for an 84 C4 with 041 heads and a renegade intake

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    Hi All, I am rebuilding an 84 C4 Corvette 350 engine and want a little more power, I am using a Scat balanced rotating assy. with flat tops, I have the renegade manifold and a set of 041 heads with 2.02 valves. I need this thing to pass smog in California, so I'm staying with the crossfire setup, but need advise on a cam. For now I'm staying with the stock gearing and the auto trans (the gearing is stock as far as I know, but there have obviously been mods to the car I wasn't expecting; unknown cam, 041 heads)
    Any suggestions?
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    The easiest way to pass smog in California with an old C4 Corvette is to have 2 engines.
    One bone stock.
    Another modefied for power.
    Swap in the stock engine and exhaust .
    Pull out after passing Smog.
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    Your very limited on EFI tuning the 1984 model year.

    Need the Check engine light to pass smog.
    Only factory GM has that.
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    welcome to the web site!
    this is both the most powerful cam Ive successfully found to work in a crossfire corvette AND its California emission approved in many engines

    why not call crane cams and talk to the tech guys
    btw it likes to be matched with 1.6:1 roller rockers
    while it might not technically be legal in a cross fire corvette I know several guys who passed emission testing with one installed, once they had a good tune,
    and yes you will notice an improved power band over the stock cam.

    crane (386)310-4875
    the basic cross ram intake design has a lot going for it, its very compact and efficient.
    where the chevy crossfire intake design fails is the port size runner length and the cylinder heads were all designed to maximize off idle torque with almost no concern for power potential once the rpm range exceeded 4000 rpm,
    (exactly where the typical offanhauser cross ram intake just starts to shine in its power curve, with its much larger and more efficient intake design)
    crossfire , (notice the much smaller runner size , less than 1/2 the cross sectional volume of the offy)

    below the offy intake (below UPPER, the CROSSFIRE with its MUCH SMALLER RUNNERS LOWER)


    If you intend to build a SBC with a corvette cross fire engine as a starting point,
    we certainly have a good deal of related info you can use.
    we can sure help you make a lot fewer mistakes and help select good matched parts.












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  6. Maniacmechanic1

    Maniacmechanic1 solid fixture here in the forum

  7. Mike Zeman

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    Thank you!
  8. Mike Zeman

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    Perfect! Thank you, I will call them...
  9. Grumpy

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    well? any further thoughts

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