looking for first c4 vette, or newer used corvette

Discussion in 'corvette related misc.' started by Grumpy, Jun 25, 2015.

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    personally ID pass unless the price was at or below $8500

    and thats pushing it , I sold a decent running 1992 with an auto trans and crappy interior for $3500
    ID shop harder some place youll find a 1995-1996 corvette for similar or less money that that 1992 is priced at, if you shop carefully there ARE deals to be had!
    and yes theres a good percentage of pieced together crap, so don,t think of shopping by price alone, get the car carefully inspected and drive it before you buy, and buy a 1995-96 they are better built cars.
    these cars are 20 plus years old there has bound to have been original parts replaced and repair work, what your looking for is a car thats been very well maintained and kept in great condition or restored correctly, mileage on a car that old is not that critical, its CONDITION, that maters






    personally I like the 1990-91 cars, a lot but the 1995-96 even better,but CONDITION not MILEAGE are the key , INTERIORS AND BODY WORK gets expensive real fast,if the changes and repairs or parts replacement and appearance touch ups required are expensive and so does the repairs too electronics so test all the switches , and features, repairing the drive train can also get expensive but in my experience that is far easier to determine during a test drive and inspection up on a lift, I own a 1985 and a 1996 so I know the flaws and strong points of both
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    New kid on the block said:

    THAT car from the limited pictures looks in good shape externally and obviously YOU get to spend your cash on your choice of car,but Id only select that or any other corvette if the condition was fairly good, the interior , and body work needed very little in the way of repairs, and there was zero wrong with the drive train, and the price was REALLY good, and ID BE REALLY SURE THAT PRICE WAS AN OUTSTANDING DEAL, and I would NOT be in such a RUSH, I think youll regret not buying a clean 1995-96 , ID be looking for and limiting my choices too the later 90-91 or even newer 1995-96 don,t be in a big rush, the object is to get an outstanding DEAL and great value for the cash outlay,,

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    I picked up my 1987 C4 a few years ago of a dealers lot. 46,000 miles, very clean car and priced right. Made the dealer put it on a lift. Could not believe how clean the under side was and no modifications to anything other than the rear exhaust. Figured out with a carfax report and paperwork that came with the car I would be the 3rd owner of the car. Purchased the car and took it home. The next day I started really going through the car and checking it out.

    Very disappointed when I found a head gasket leak that I missed at the dealership. Took the car back to the dealer and expressed my disappointment with the car and the deal. Believe it or not, I worked with the dealer and got a check to cover the cost to have the head gaskets replace, heads checked and rebuilt. The corvette mechanic I let do the work said the car had been sitting for some time. Lots of gunk in the engine. All clean up now, and very pleased with how it runs and drives. I have started taking it to some local car shows and getting good feedback on the car. Grumpy is right, a clean body and interior is important with these cars. Do you research and take you time finding the right C4 for you. All stock, these cars won't win many drag strip runs but they are a blast on the street and mines is a daily driver.. Love it!!
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    I've owned a corvette of some type for almost the entire last 5 plus decades, but I've never been able to afford a new one,
    that may in some ways have been a blessing in disguise,
    as it forced me to increase my mechanical and deductive skills,

    and vastly increase my inventory of tools.:thumbsup:
    got my first one at age 20, had one almost all the years since with a few minor lapse,s between
    I currently own a 1985 and 1996, Ive owned a 1959, 1968, 1974, 1976, 1992 in the past.
    currently theres a good selection of used corvettes,
    you might find a bargain if you shop carefully,
    and avoid looking at corvettes that are only a year or two old.
    (I regret selling the 1968)
    if you shop carefully and avoid looking at corvettes that are only a year or two old.
    you can currently get bargains on about the 2012 and older corvettes




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    Wish I had the time and a nice big concrete floor perfect flat level.
    Love to do the solid axle swap 4- link into my 87 C4 Roadster.
    Fab a Trans Crossmember traditional muscle car style.

    Have a no prep drag race worthy Corvette.
    Launch at 5000 rpms Grumpy. Nothing breaks.

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