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    Need a new set of shoes for my C5. What's the maximum tire size I can install? I'm thinking of getting the Falken tires in 315/30/18, though I'm still unsure. Any input? I want the biggest tires that don't require spacers. Thanks.
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    Your best bet is asking on Digital Corvette Forum.
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    If you want to buy and install larger than original wheels and tires on your car, you need the accurate measurements, so you won,t waste a great deal of time and cash,
    Id also call tire rack, discount tire, etc. and other major on-line tire/wheel set vendors and ask questions (link below) they sell hundreds of corvette tires a month and would know by now what fits and what causes problems
    it also helps if you accurately measure your current car wheel well , tires and wheel, and off set clearances internally in the cars wheel well, so youll know what your dealing with

    reading through, the linked info posted here will help you find your answers far quicker!3756!3!254641198245!e!!g!!tires online&ef_id=WwSgkQAAAIJ8kji0:20180704125836:s Tires Will Fit My Car (this is really handy)
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    Thanks Grumpy! That's a lot of useful info.

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