Mechanical Fuel Pump...2 Line? 3 Line ?

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    It has been a long time since I messed with this stuff, and much has changed.
    I need a new fuel pump for my modest 355 SBC w/carb project.
    My 84 C10 w/carbureted 305 has 3 lines connected to the stock pump.
    Do I conclude that the 3rd line is a return?
    Many sellers show 2 line and/or 3 line pumps, but no mention of that is found in descriptions.

    I would have to believe I need a 3 line pump??

    BTW, what does the charcoal canister do?
    Mine has been disconnected from the vacuum system.
    Do I keep/replumb or remove?
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    reading the links posted below should help,
    the vapor line to the charcoal canister is to remove vapors from fuel tank vent line,
    escaping from the fuel tank as the internal volume of fuel changes with heat and engine use, its not connected to the fuel pump lines, crank case ventilation, and PCV and charcoal lines are different emissions system as is the fuel supply and return lines
    [​IMG] Basics Root Folder/Crankcase Ventilation.html










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    Well, alrighty,then!

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