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    Grumpy whats the best way to clean a muzzleloader aside from soaking it in a tub of hot water ? The last few cleanings I used #13 bore cleaner then cleaned it like I would any other rifle & some people are telling me this is wrong it comes out clean & I've never seen a trace of rust after it sets in the safe for a while so what do you do?
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    IF YOUR RUNNING A PATCH down the bore after cleaning it and getting no trace of powder fouling or rust,even after a weeks time, from the cleaning,
    and theres no external rust after several days your obviously doing something well!
    burnt black powder residue attracts moisture/rust if left in place
    black powder residue dissolves in hot water with a bit of dawn dish washing liquid,but that also removes oil from metal so you'll need to carefully dry and re-oil all the metal surfaces, before storing the gun
    I generally pour boiling hot water down a muzzle loaders bore with a few drops of dawn dish washing detergent, then I run a brass bore brush,
    a 58-62 cal rifle, like I hunt with, can use a 20 ga shotgun bore brush
    (wear oven mitts the bore will get damn hot to hold)

    through the bore several times followed by a couple patches, soaked in hoppys #9 solvent on soaked linen patches
    and repeat until the patches come out perfectly clean,[​IMG]

    then I follow with several dripping wet oil soaked patches down the bore and rub down the outside with gun oil.

    the new long term WD 40 has been tested and found too be a good long term moisture repellent

    soaking a hot dry metal surface with the spray on wd 40 lets it soak into the micro surface cracks
    I generally go back and run an oil patch down the bore every other month and re-rub down the external metal with an oil soaked rag
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