My Experience with Hitch Balls for my Small Moving Company

Discussion in 'Tools and Procedures' started by Tony G, Apr 9, 2018.

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    Hitch Balls

    It was about a year ago when my boss, Ken, announced that our small moving company would be expanding. During our Monday morning meeting, he was gesticulating wildly as he talked about "taking on the big boys."

    "We do great in towns and suburbs, moving people from apartment to house and home to home," Ken said, summing up our entire business concisely. "But what about the rural areas? What about longer distances, say 50 to 100 miles?"

    I spoke up. "Sounds good, Ken. But can you elaborate?"

    He spoke of marketing the company to the parents of college freshmen who would need their kids' stuff hauled to campus. And about retirees downsizing to smaller homes who might need us to transport an extra vehicle or motorcycle.

    "And what about horses?"

    "Horses?" I asked.

    But Ken had already moved on to what we would need to purchase to expand our business. We added car haulers, cargo trailers, livestock trailers, flatbed trailers and the like to our fleet. But in our excitement to help Ken take on the U-Hauls of this world we made a few mistakes. The issue that came up was matching the necessary hitch to the correct hitch ball. Not only were the sizes mismatched, but they rusted after spending a night in the rain.

    On, I found the three sizes I required: 1 7/8", 2" and 2 5/16". The smallest size has the capacity to haul up to 3500 pounds, the middle size can handle up to 6000 pounds and the largest hitch ball can haul up to 10000 pounds. Unlike the previous hitch balls we purchased, these were stainless steel and wouldn't rust. We needed them in a hurry, so I selected 2-day shipping and they arrived on time.

    After a year, this side of the business has grown handsomely. The equipment has held up after many trips, and we're optimistic about the future. No one has hired us to haul horses yet, but Ken is hopeful.
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    I never have seen stainless steel hitch balls but it sounds like a good idea.
    I use a 2-5/16 hitch ball for my car trailer.
    Bought Reese hitches at Autozone.
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    What I use.
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    Loves302Chevy "One test is worth a thousand expert opinions."

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