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    Hi All,
    Registered here about 6 months ago but finally introducing myself now that I have made some good progress on my project. Long story short, I wrecked my dad's L99 v8 swapped CJ7 almost 20 years ago. Now I've finally got the chance to rebuild it for him. Jeep was BAR approved and everything. I am a little limited to what I can do because of smog. However, as luck would have it, the BAR misidentified the engine as a 5.7L LT1, so you can guess what's going in there now. Looking for all the info I can get on the LT1.

    I have a love-hate relationship with this site. Haha. Flat out amazing amount of information, but sometimes I end up more confused than when I started after reading through all the links.

    I have 3 automotive bucket list items. Rebuild an engine from the ground up, rebuild a manual transmission, and tune a fuel injected engine. I plan to tick all 3 of those with this project. It's a lot more fun when it's not your dd.

    Pics of the project attached.

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    Welcome to the forum from Oklahoma !
  4. ct227gt

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    Perhaps my favorite part of it so far. I had the whole thing apart in a few weekends. Thanks for the link. Will get to work researching the engine build. Plan is a mild build. Stock internals, low rpm, torquey cam with 1.6 roller rockers and springs. Gasket port match and polish. All the breathing supporting mods of course.
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    That's one interesting project! Welcome
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    Welcome !
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    Looks like a cool project. Is that rear of the front leaf spring just for mock up?
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    Welcome to neighborhood :cool:
  9. ct227gt

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    Sorry, I am not getting emails on responses to this thread. Try to figure out how to fix that.

    The front leaf spring is what got bent in the wreck. Almost made it to a full 90*. haha
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    Go to the upper right hand corner and mouse over your username, a new window will open,
    see below. Then click on "Preferences".


    Another new window will open, see below. You will have to click (add check mark) to the top
    setting first, then you can add the second check mark. Click on "Save Changes" at the bottom
    and you are done.


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