needing a custom exhaust on my project car


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hey guys, been a while since ive posted . im still working on my 51 chevy 3100 project almost 3 yrs coming this sept. with face book being so picky ,political and their so called community standard people shutting down peoples pages for seemingly childish reasons, ive come back here for my morning coffee perusing.
So, with this 283 SBC I'm having a hard time finding a 2 inch exhaust system available in a builder kit , aluminized steel ,that is compatible with the angled ram horns .In reality what i need is a basic s10 exhaust kit for a v8 swap, in a true dual configuration. yes , i could have gone with headers but thats not the look i want, nor would headers work with my steering components. Ive even looked into the online catalogs who sell tri-5 chevy parts (265 /283)but for some reason they seem to start exhaust at 2 1/2" . I'm at a bit of a loss here on 2 or even 2 1/4" sources.
Right now, I just need a pair of 45* downpipe stubs (with 3 hole flange rings) so i can figure out if i need to notch the s10 frame. While I'm asking , has anyone put a set of Smithy's behind their 283s, who could post a sound clip or video with decent sound.

Id think you would be at a huge advantage if you had the tools and acquired skills to fabricate and weld your own custom exhaust,
or if you join a local club and perhaps pay some member of that club to mentor you and teach you how to weld and perhaps you'll eventually buy your own welder etc. system to exactly match your needs/application, that's one reason I've repeatedly suggested having a decent oxy-acetylene welding torch or at least a 220 volt MIG welder is almost a mandatory tool to have for any serious performance car builder
careful planning and shopping should allow you to build exactly what you need for a considerable reduced price.

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There are many places that sell Aluminized 2” in several forms. There’s Jegs, Summit and Year One. Meineke will do it complete in less than a couple hours. Our local Corvette Club president just did a 2.5” custom exhaust for his S-10 chassis 1949 Chevy panel truck for just about $800 with 2 Walker mufflers.