Nitrous Ring Gap ??

Discussion in 'Rotating Assemblies' started by Grumpy, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. Grumpy

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    .007 ?
    you do realize thats .007 times the bore diameter right?

    example if its a 4.25" bore its 4.25 x.007=.030 MINIMUM RING END GAP

    I think that's absurdly too tight for a 500 hp shot of nitrous on the ring gap.

    Id suggest something closer to .0095 per inch of bore diameter.

    Id at least call and talk to several ring manufactures and nitrous kit suppliers and get their thoughts

    info you need
  2. busterrm

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    That sounds about right, that's 0.040 for the ring gap. 500 shot of nitrous is a lot of nitrous!

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