Oil Pan Revisited

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    Hey all,

    Like you no doubt, I reeeaally hate leaks.

    Before I pulled my oil pan off, two bolts were weeping. I since discovered one was not torqued down fully. I also suspect the bolts were too short for the one-piece gasket.

    I ordered a new one piece oil pan gasket (the old one broke and I still have to scrape some off the rear cap) and it is coming with extra long bolts.

    Regarding the installation...

    I think we can all agree that even with the one piece gasket, four dabs of silicone in the corners is a good idea.

    I want to revisit the bolts. Just to be clear, y’all put a dab of RTV on the threads of the bolts to prevent them from coming loose. I presume this has nothing to do with the oil weeping from a bolt ?


  2. Grumpy

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    no, putting a dab of silicone sealant in the corners helps, and I generally use a product like these brush-on sealants on both the treads and both sides of the one-piece oil pan gaskets
    (yeah it says you don,t need it) use of studs vs bolts also helps reduce leaks[​IMG]


    On oil pans I prefer studs, and an oil pan back plate
    you might want to Use with P/N 12553058 RH and P/N 12553059 LH oil pan reinforcement plates to distribute the bolt stress on the oil pan rail for 1985 and earlier oil pans P/N 14088501 (LH) and P/N 14088502 (RH).1986 and newer
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