OK gentlemen lets hear your experiences regarding auto wax


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if youve ever bothered to look over the ads concerning what particular car waxes and similar paint surface protective films etc. are available, you quickly find that damn near every one of them says they are
"very easy too apply, leave no white smudges and wipe off easily. leaving a long durable shine while providing long lasting protection"
its almost as if they are required to say those words in some order to be allowed to sell the products.
if you were looking for a long lasting product at a reasonable price thats easy to use, what would be your suggestion?

now prices vary from under $12 to well over $80 , and application instructions do change a bit, so obviously there ARE differences
so what brand of car protective surface paint protection do you use,
what would you now avoid,
and what ones have you found too be a P.I.T.A. to use or apply?

obviously a balance between,
local availability,
cost,easy application surface protection,
long durability must be found
and ideally you can do so without special tools,
or additional products required.

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I use RainX - on the paint. While doing the glass one day, I spilled some on the paint. The container says not to get it on the paint, so I very quickly wiped it off. Driving home from work a couple of weeks later in the rain, I was amazed how at >40 mph, the water hovered in the air above where I spilled the RainX. So the next day I proceeded to RainX the entire hood - without even washing it. I just sprayed it on a section and wiped it off with a paper towel. You would be amazed at the amount of dirt on the paper towel. Anyway, it works great, lasts a very long time, and the best part is it that even when you think it's all gone, there is still a barrier left. You can just redo the RainX and any dirt on the surface practically falls off.
Best "WAX" I have ever used.


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while I have zero doubt thats true,
I was hoping to find several different options,
and perhaps some way to place a rather impervious wax surface on the paint

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I use all different products depending on time and desired results. It comes down to what you want out of your wax. There are actually ceramic waxes out now. After I finish repainting the Chevelle I plan dig deep for that my daily gets what ever the car wash spits out.