Okay, To Me This Is Just Stupid, Am I Wrong

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    Okay, starting at about 6:00, they are outlining a mismatch of the ports of a rectangular port blower manifold and oval port heads. They eventually show a picture through the blower manifold of the mismatch! I was watching this and my mind thought, "That is just stupid!" With this being a forced induction engine, isn't that a bad idea Grumpy? Looking at it, to me you would get all sorts of reversion back into the blower manifold. I thought of 2 ways to solve it;
    1. Pull the heads off, disassemble them and do a good job of port matching them to the gasket, or at least best you can to reduce as much reversion as possible.
    2. Search out a set of heads to closely match the rectangular ports on the intake blower manifold.

    I realize the blower may over come the reversion, but how much of the boost would be wasted to do so. With the drastic mismatch in the ports how much power is lost to overcome the reversion. I was watching this and just wanted to put it out here to see what you guys thought! I am not really wanting to be critical of them, but how much did they lose by not having those ports matched properly Grumpy!
    I do know this, if they plan on using it to carry things on the ramp of that truck, they better put in like a 150-200 gallon gas tank, it probably gets 1 mile/2-3 gallons of gas! I did some research and that model has a 22 gallon primary and a 20 gallon auxiliary tank. Per the mileage statement in the video that's 13.5 cents per mile, they need a overdrive transmission for sure. Hell, my little Nissan gets about 4.25 cents/mile. I get about 69% better fuel economy, but I only run about 1500 rpms at 75 mph on the freeway.
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    your not wrong, the miss match is surely restricting flow at some rpm range,
    but that miss matched rectangle intake on oval port heads,
    intake is rather commonly done
    and I doubt he feels the 20-40 hp loss is significant compared to the cost in correctly matched parts and effort required to do it correctly

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