Parts for Older Richmond/Doug Nash 5 speeds

Discussion in 'transmission and Drive train' started by 2Loose, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. 2Loose

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    I've had this 5 speed Doug Nash "4+1" for many years. Love the gear spread:
    On the street with a 3.50 rear gear and fat, fairly tall rear tires, it's been a good tranny...

    Until I hooked it up behind a 650 hp blown Olds 425 ci motor in my '55 Chevy gasser! I've rebuilt it 3 times now, replacing 3rd, then 2nd, then the input gear set, and of course cleaning it up and replacing bearings as needed!

    But now 3rd is gone again. I rip teeth right off both gears in a set when they go. This last time I could get a replacement main shaft 3rd gear (Up to now, Richmond Gear has always had replacement parts for this tranny), but the cluster shaft 3rd gear is not available, and Richmond Gear does not know if or when it will ever be available again!

    I did a temporary fix by machining a spacer to put on the cluster shaft to replace the ruined 3rd gear, and drove it for awhile shifting 1-2-4-5, skipping 3rd. That works just fine, the other gears work great, no problem, but I wanted my 3rd gear back!

    So I squeezed my credit card hard and bought and put in a new TKO 600 Tremec 5 speed, it seems to be holding up pretty well so far...
    The gear spread on that tranny is:
    I should have gone for the optional 0.82 overdrive 5th gear, it would have been more useful here on Maui....
    That will improve once I swap out the rear gears from the current 3.50 to a 4.11 or even a 4.56.

    Now the question, just what do I do with my old Doug Nash, toss it in the recycle pile??

    I've been looking around, Craig's List, and ebay, for a used DN or RG of the same spec that I could buy and between the two trannies put together one good one, but have not found anything so far...

    Or, I could pull mine apart and sell off the parts a bit at a time, the gear sets are all good except for 3rd, the main shaft and cluster shaft are good, and the case is good. I could probably do ok to piece it out and sell the pieces like that, but my preference is to try to make it whole again.

    Any ideas out there??
  2. 87vette81big

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    I would keep the Doug Nash 5-speed intact myself Willy.
    Try putting an Ad on

    You could have the 3rd gear custom made machined for You.
    Another Option .

    I got the 1965 Olds 425A engine in my 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix up and Running .
    Wow...Its A Fantastic engine like you said.
    Super Torque on Tap with very good HP.
    The Grand Prix is way Faster than my 1987 C4 Corvette.
    Burns Rubber with a touch of the Gas Pedal.
  3. busterrm

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    I would try and get the parts to fix it and I bet you could get a good price for it. Have a little extra cash for more on your current project. Help pay for the TKO tremec!
  4. NOT A TA

    NOT A TA reliable source of info

    I would try to sell it as is and let someone who needs parts or a case spend their time messing with it while you spend your time working on something you actually want to work on.
  5. busterrm

    busterrm solid fixture here in the forum

    Well yeah, that's a more friendly option for selling it.
  6. Tommy Joy

    Tommy Joy New Member

    Hey. Do you still have that Doug Nash? Is it a torque tube or a regular one? I need a few gears to repair one. Thanks. Tommy
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  7. Mr5speed

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    I just sent you a PM. I am looking for Nash gears
  8. Rick Davis

    Rick Davis New Member

    I run a doug nash as well and found new gears at liberty gears

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