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some ones bound to ask.... you powder coat cast bullets to reduce the tendency to leave lead in the bore and rifling ,
its an option to using just a lubricant wax/grease,
and in my experience, below about 1200 fps and if your guns bore is rather smooth,
it seems to work,
but I prefer to spray the powder coated bullets with moly spray,
and tumble lube them after powder coating as an extra step,
yeah its not as pretty but it results in cleaner bores.
(the moly leave a dark grey coating over the powder coating)
and yes it does work in some applications rather well,
yes Ive used them, but I lube them after they are powder coated ,
as it seems to work even better that way,
you just throw a couple hundred powder coated bullets in a zip lock bag and spray them,
with moly, shake the bag, re-spray, several times ,
once they are obviously double coated,
pour out on a cookie sheet and let dry over night before loading.

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how many people have found powder coated bullets accurate?
Ive been casting bullets for 5 plus decades, one of my close friends has until recently been experimenting with some custom bullet mold designs,
now if your into bullet casting you rather rapidly find that you can' always find anything close to what you may want in bullet shape, weight or design, in common commercially available designs by companies like lyman, RCBS, lee, saeco, NEI. ACCURATE, etc.
I was recently given a couple custom made/ordered , bullet molds that are technically rejects,
in that the mold manufacturer failed to provide molds with the proper lube grooves as requested.
in that the bullet lube groves are machined incorrectly or missing altogether.
the former owner of these bullet molds has been casting these bullets and powder coating them,
and swears they don,t require any other lubrication, he donated a couple molds he no longer needs as he no longer owns the pistol in that caliber.
to be accurate and functional and not foul the bores in his pistols with his reloaded ammo used,
now keep in mind I'm a bit "old school" in that I use a lube/sizer, and alox/wax/moly lube, not powder coating in my reloaded ammo
Im a bit skeptical and just curious,
how many of you gentlemen use powder coated bullets with no lube and get good consistent results without bore fouling issues??
up until now Ive lubed powder coated bullets before use in the reload process , with added moly spray before they are loaded in the cases, as a precaution/


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I haven't powder coated yet but I have shot powder coated cast bullets that i bought and there was no lube on them and this was so long ago that I didn't even think of it but I know from cleaning the guns there was no kind of build up and I have a couple leftover that I saved and there is no lube groves I get on a few reloading sites and that is the talk is powder coating is getting more popular every day and some swear by it and a few of the people talking about them I value their knowledge you can pretty much pick out who to pay attention to and who doesn't know s#%t and just talk but I have the Powder coating setup that I am going to try but I haven't got my moneys worth out of my lube sizer yet but powder coating is the next adventure for me because I did all the bolt on frame items on the vette with powdercoat all brackets A Arms and anything that would fit in my oven


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lots of guys like powder coated bullets, personally I find the ones I've tested,
are noticeably LESS consistent and accurate than properly lubed and sized,
cast/gas check bullets I've used for 5 plus decades
I suspect many people like the convenience, and less mess they provide,
and you avoid having to use gas checks or a lube sizer machine
and most people can't shoot consistently well enough,
with a handgun to observe the difference in accuracy
looking at handgun rifling and bores, there's zero question the older gas check and lube provides,
a much more consistent and clean bore surface and requires much easier cleaning of the bore surfaces

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