Problem with Autometer water temp gauge

Discussion in 'Ignitions & starters and electrically related comp' started by 55C150, May 9, 2018.

  1. 55C150

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    I have a Autometer Cobra Series electrical water temp gauge (Part no. 201015). The first 3 days it worked fine. After the coolant get hot last weekend (200F) the gauge quit. Yesterday I found out that it will work when I disconnect the ground wire to the gauge, so only sender and the + wire are connected.
    Is that normal? The sending unit is grounded by the engine.
  2. Maniacmechanic1

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    Contact Auto Meter by Email.
    Let them know the problem.
    Sounds like a Bad sending unit.

    I have read reviews of standard Autometer Sport comp gauges and just so so today.

    I prefer full mechanical bourdan capillary tube gauges.
    Pro Comp is the Best to Buy. Have to pay extra $$.
  3. 55C150

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    My Club brothers told me the same on the mechanical gauges. Water temp would be no problem. But I don't want fuel pressure or oil pressure full mechanical, if they fail I have fuel or oil in the inside of the car.
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  5. 55C150

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    I got it from Summit Racing
  6. 55C150

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    I wrote Autometer, the gave me a describtion to find out if I have a bad sending unit or gaue. I found out that the sending unit is bad. Like you said.
    I ordered a new one, in 3 weeks I will hopefully have a working water temp.
    Thank you for the advice.
  7. Maniacmechanic1

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    Ok. Your Welcome.

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