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    A little background - Orange Truck is a S10 put on the "Jenny Craig" diet. The goal is to make it as light weight as possible without being crazy (Like driving without clothes).

    It is a 1986 Chevrolet S10, Short box, Reg. cab, 4x4
    - 350 .040 over, 1 piece rear main, 9.25-9.5 CR
    -Edelbrock 650cfm AVS
    -Summit Vortec dual plane
    -Vortec heads
    -Comp Cams XE256H-10
    -Advanced Adapters Slick Fit headers, 2.5 dual, turbo mufflers
    -V8 Monza fuel pump
    -Factory 13gal fuel tank
    -Underdrive pulleys

    -7.25 front, 4.11
    -7.625 rear, Gov lock, 4.11,

    -Manual brakes
    -Manual steering
    -Rear disc
    -RPM Tubular A-Arms
    -QA1 Coilovers
    -Zq8 Anti-hop shock
    -All Energy Suspension bushings

    -MotoMaster 350CCA lawn mower battery
    -Bravada grill
    -Hurst Core shifter
    -Heater delete

    13.2 gallon 004.jpg

    s10 header and  suspension 005.JPG
    s10 header and  suspension 011.JPG

    s10 header and  suspension 014.JPG


    Weight: 3150 lbs = truck + driver + full tank of gas
    Best slip with current setup;
    .5729 Reaction
    2.11 60ft
    9.0519 1/8 ET
    blank 1/8 MPH
    13.96 1/4 ET
    102.92 1/4 MPH
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  2. Grumpy

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    thank you for posting the pictures ,
    that truck looks like good transportation,
    and its certainly fast enough to be fun to drive.

    its hard to believe that a smaller truck weights that much.
    but having owned A 4x4 datsun pick-up I know you right.
    it looks like those exhaust manifolds were designed for angle plug cylinder heads
    that give a bit better ignition wire clearance and less chance of burnt plug wires

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    Welcome to the forum! That's definitely has the sleeper look. Bet you have surprised a few people.
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    nice build looks like you are off to a good start her
  5. Loves302Chevy

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    I like it.

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