PS system heat, orphan subject on GP?

Discussion in 'frames and suspension' started by dfarr67, Dec 23, 2018.

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    I didn't see a steering section.

    Used to live in the northern climes where steering was a big deal for blowing off high pressure hoses until you get with the program and get custom hoses made with GM cold climate fluid then life gets a little better. I was using Acura fluid and had no issues also running a hydroboost on this truck.. Moving south I decided to change up the fluid to Dexron ATF. Was at a chassis dyno a month ago and the fluid starting spraying out the ps pump cap. Is this a function of poor choice of fluid or is the pump underachieving and overheating?

    - I do have a small eom GM ps cooler tube and fin type, at the dyno airflow could be an issue.
    - just installed a medium sized plate type trans cooler to replace above.
    - removing spliced rubber lines and replacing with continuous runs.
    - changing fluid to Redline ps fluid.
    - I do have another pump in hand if deemed a good idea to change out. But current is not overly whiney.
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    It seems like there is a restriction in a line, or a loose clamp on the suction return side allowing air to be pulled in then the PS fluid is cavitating foaming up.
    Burps itself out then.

    Or the Flow control valve is defective in the Power steering pump.
    On the high pressure outlet side where the HP PS connects to.
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    Sent the steering box back to Lee to get it recalibrated- the steering wheel effort on the highway was way too light. Taking the opportunity to revamp what I can. I would add that previously the truck was dyno'd with no ps issues- only after when changed to ATF, that said I'm working to make sure the system is healthy. Scary stuff to see misted ATF all over everything including headers. Ever since adding hydroboost and blowing a pressure line in the cold the system hasn't been quiet as I would like even after changing pump multiple times.

    I have to add that thread notifications are not functions.
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    I have been using ATF In my 1999 Chevy Tahoe Power Streering system.
    Has Vacuum assistance power brakes.
    No issues.
    The Flow control valve was sticking with PS fluid.
    ATF freed it up.
    No issues.

    Kent Moore used to have a Power Steering Analyzier kit that contained a High pressure Guage that read to 1000 psi and adapters.
    Was best way to troubleshoot when I worked in the GM dealerships.
    That tool does not exist to the Public or me unless I go searching to buy used.

    Hydro boost can be touchy tough to diagnose.
    Often change out all parts to solve issues.
    Rubber hoses break down slow and puts debris throughout the entire system.
    All gets trashed.

    Castrol Trans Max Dextron/Mercon I have been using.
    Filled the Power Steering system in my 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix with same Castrol ATF.
    No issues. Steering feel is better.
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