Question About Front Lights ….

I have an 80 Camaro 2Dr Coup. My question is about front side lights.

The front left blinker and front left side light ‘blink’ when I select left blinker.

The front right blinker and front right side light ‘blink’ when I select right blinker.

All 4 of those lights ‘blink’ when I turn Hazards ON.

When I pull my headlight knob halfway out, nothing on the front of my car turns ON. Not even the front side lights.

When I pull my headlight knob all the way out, only the headlights turn ON.

I have not driven my Camaro in 25 years, but I think the front should have front parking lights.

I replaced the headlight switch and checked all fuses. I have a Service Manual and the diagrams look like the front side lights should turn ON with the headlight switch. I have checked all the blinker bulbs and made sure they are correct, type 1157 that have 2 offset pins. The front side lights are type 194.

Should the headlight switch turn ON the side lights or is my car working properly? Any suggestion on what might be wrong?


solid fixture here in the forum
Check for power first then check grounds on an 80 the lights should come on with the parking lights at least they do in my 1981 Vette