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Question for Tuners/programmers: Sorry so far I cannot seem to get a clear answer to these questions:

I am putting a low RPM SBC 38. Running 193 heads fed by a 87 Camaro TPI.

To make things a little more complex I am putting in a 4L80e transmission in as well.

I am told by a number of people I need to run a 1617427 ECM for best compatibility.

I can find genetic 7427 for as low as $25.00 BUT let me look for a 5.7 4L80e and the price shoots up to $160.00.

I have a Memory Adapter: (see picture)

Question is how much can be done with a custom chip mounted on this device, and installed into a 1617424, and can it be used in any genetic 7427??

Can a custom chip be programed to run a 4L80e and a 350/383 Engine?

As I understand it carries an Eprom/medcal chip as backup/cripple drive??

Does the medcal need to be a 350/4L80e or can it be a 350/4l60e chip?? I have a couple of the 350/4L60es on hand from a 165ECMs.

If you can program this kind of chip please contact me at

It is so frustrating: I can buy almost any number of 7427s as low as $20.00 but for a 7427 for a 5.7 and a 4L80e and they want $150.00 for it, heck even the MEMCAL by its self runs around $100.00.

It bugs me.



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if anyone can provide this gentlemen useful info,
or more related 4l80e related controller info,
wiring info or mods to the controller or custom programming info,
please do so, as it will benefit several people,

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I am reading the Thread on anyone have experience converting a 4l80E to full manual
And OMG this IS THE GREATEST web site I have ever found on all things car...

I am reading up on this:

MegaShift™ Transmission Controller

If I may I will add my 2 cents worth:

There are MANY great features with this. I will point out that such kits as with many aftermarket stuff are often not as reliable as the factory original parts, especially if home built, so I would suggest buying and building two and programing both fully and carrying one as a spare in case of breakdown.

Which has just talked me out of getting one. As I plan on long trips in my Van, thousands of miles away from home, like a Moon Shot, reliability is #1,2,3 on my list and I plan on carrying at least a back up ECM as well. And with my 5 speed set up hope for great MPG.

I would be interested in an add on that would allow some more manual controls as long as I can switch back to full auto.

And as I have done such long trips in my past with sticks, found a stick shift a nightmare in stop and go traffic, and will gladly lose a couple of MPG to never have a worn out left leg/foot from clutching.

Same thing with my 03 Ford Explorer which will not go as far from home but still hundreds of miles will be possible. This will never get any risky changes that could cause any break downs...other than a old Borg Warner Over drive added behind the main transmission in the belief it will allow it to get up to 30MPG at highway speeds.

And as a 16 year old hot rodder (just slamming it around) I never broke my 56 Studebaker's 3 speed with Overdrive even as I burned rubber and broke a few rear end axles. So often I carried a spare.

As for manual controls, one of the things that helped wean me off of Stick Shift transmissions was when I said to a old friend, I did not like automatics because I could not control the gears and he said oh but you can just select what gear you want and it will go into it and stay in it.

And he was right, mostly. It seems you cannot do any as insane as shift into say first gear at 80MPG or reverse...most will not allow such actions.

And with my 2000 Mercury Grand Marques I found with it IF I selected first and punched it it would power all the way to 5500RPMS and then power shift to second and keep going until I let up on the gas.

That worked so well all the way to around 70/80MPH I did not need to do anything but hang on. Once I reach say cruising speed I would just put it into drive and let it shift up as it wanted to.

And my 03 Ex-Cop Crown Vic is even hotter and faster as I can want and does it so well automatically I don't even need to select anything.

Granted by hot rod standards a 250 HP 4 door Vic is slow, but I am one of the fastest street fighters I run into, only a true blue hot rodder can give me any trouble. So I win 90% of all intersection take offs.

And if I get to it I plan on swapping a 5R55s into it later. That will make it even faster thanks to lower first gear.

So the 1617427 ECMs will be great for normal street driving and control both my 4L80e and my TPI injection.

And should not cost more that $20.00to $70.00.

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Some new questions:

Is there a way to hook up controls to activated Tow / Haul mode for better Grade braking and clutch line pressure (for greater holding power) are additionally great features that are on the truck platforms.

Also is the fact I am asking for a 5.7 and 4L80e ECM a problem as I read that the 4L80e is more common behind a 6.5L-powered GM trucks??

So how hard would it be to retune such a ECM from a 6.5L-to 5.7 HOLD THE PHONE: in fact a 383 IS 6.3L so a 6.5L may very well be a better fit that a 5.7L tune.

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OMG New information, I am running into a 16197427 (NOT 7424) ECMs AND to add to this mess the instructions for converting a TBI ECM to MPFI are for: 8625 (my old van ECM) 6395...and 7427...7427 NOT 7424...

So unless there is a major problem I think I need a 7427 ECM...


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So I have two 16197427 ECMs coming for $250.00 (with shipping.)

One is out of a G30 1 ton van running a 5.7 and a 4L80e.

Once converted to MPFI it will be a drop in for the break in.