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Discussion in 'Paint and Body' started by NOT A TA, Jun 9, 2016.

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    Continued setting up the shop today. Asked Dave about the cost of the milling machine. $35,000.00 including very expensive shipping because of the weight (3600 lbs) and air ride suspension requirements etc. Brought my camera and took some pics of the other equipment.

    Buddy Dave hamming it up "Welcome!"


    The actual milling machine.


    Jet wash machine.


    The valve grinding machine.


    Seat & guide machine.

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    congrats nice to see
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    So 2 quick questions,

    1) How good did the OCC Snap On Chopper look in person? I use to watch that show and really liked it on camera.

    2) Is it common for an insurance company to put the money into a repair like the Honda in post 2? Seems like they would just write it off needing work on both ends.
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    Yes, it is common on almost new cars. The insurance companies have a formula they use, it's based on the estimate after tear down to determine actual damage. There's an initial estimate before tear down that may keep the vehicle from being considered for repair at all. If the 1st estimate makes it seem like it's possible to be worth repairing (including other expenses to the ins co like rental car etc.) then the car is torn down at the collision shop and a more accurate thorough estimate is done before any repairs are done.
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