rear wheel extremely hot?


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The rear wheels get really hot. A laser temp reading runs 150-190 degrees. Pretty hot to touch. Is this normal? Had a brake shop check the brakes (I installed new) to make sure they were not dragging. Maybe it has always been this way and I am just now noticing it.

What would be a normal running temp for the wheels?

you need a higher quality infrared test gun, high wheel temps an obvious indication of a defective part(S)
Id suggest you use a second infrared test gun to verify the wheel temps before you go crazy looking for the problems source.
after a bit of testing you will have a good deal more facts to use to locate the source of the problem,
no the wheels do not generally run at that high temp, somethings wrong, you'll want to locate the source of the heat and check all four wheels
maybe the parking brakes dragging , clearances are set too tight?
or its partly engaged while you drive?

maybe a wheel bearings going bad ? or the differential fluids very low?
or the ring and pinion gears are excessively worn?
maybe the running clearances on the disc brake pads or drum shoes are too tight?

cheap works ok


higher quality sure wont hurt either

verify the temp and check the surrounding parts like the differential to locate the higher heat locations as you might find its the differential, or the brakes that are the source of the heat
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