Reducing The Potential For Body Rust


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very few things are as frustrating as spending tens of thousands of dollars,
buying a project car or working on your current car,
only to find extensive corrosion and rust damage,
so here's a few links that may help prevent or fix some issues.
there are some well documented ways to greatly reduce the potential for a car/truck to suffer rust damage,
and a bit of research and time spent in proper prep,
to prevent rust damage,
goes a long way to reducing the rust potential
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I have used the vinegar method with good results.
When I was a teenager... I remember a girl threw a cup of coca-cola at her boyfriend (who was a friend of mine)
it ended up all over the red primer hood, and down the fender of his 1969 chevelle. The next morning...
The primer had been eaten off where the soda had landed on the car.

I was surprised at what the WD-40 did in the third video on that spring.