Refresh 1982 crossfire vette

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  2. Maniacmechanic1

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    Holley Sniper 800cfm.
    Nitrous and boost compatibility.

    FI Tech is crap unless you plumb like a Race Drag Car.
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    Hi, guys does anyone flash proms anymore? I have a idle problem, at a light it wants to stall I'm wondering if this could be fixed by a prom flash? thanks guys.
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    while the dual throttle body cross fire intake design is comparatively restrictive and you'll benefit noticeably,
    swapping to better heads and the renegade after market intake and a cam like a crane 114132 ,
    theres always been a problem with many of these dual throttle body injection system simply being improperly adjusted and tuned,
    Ive found most of the 1984 corvette pick up noticeable power through simply correctly tuning and balancing the throttle bodys
    the stock engines O.E.M. power is PATHETIC compared to the corvettes true potential.
    theres an easy 70-80 hp or more in upgrading the cam,heads and intake
    now that might not sound impressive but its easily a 45% plus power increase
    the stock engine barely exceeded 205hp and 290 ft lbs
    reaching in excess of 330 hp and 350 ft lbs with correctly selected parts even retaining most of the original short block 350 is do-able,
    upgrade to a higher compression 383 stroker assembly and , better heads,
    intake and cam, and even retaining the dual throttle body renegade of offy intake,
    400 hp plus is not that difficult
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    The Torque gain is what Think counts Grumpy.
    Once you hit 400+ Ft/lbs get it moving fast Street Driving.

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