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I've got a 350 in one of my cars that i bought locally.i took a chance on it and heard it run but it didn't have an oil pressure gage .it ran very good and it had a tag saying that it was a gm replacement eng,i had to put a rear sump pan and pickup on it and it looked good inside but we never looked at the startup, it goes to about 45-50 but starts dropping untill it settles at about 4 or 5 at doesn't make any noise but lying under it i "think" i may hear loose bearings.
my question is can i order bearings ahead of time so i can swap them in right away without waiting or is there a good possibility that the journals may be undersize?is it usually just the mains or do the rods usually need to be replaced at the same time. where I'm doing this at I need to rent the space thats why i would like to complete it all in one or 2 days.

this is always a cost vs benefits, downtime required vs money spent related question,
with the option to increase performance significantly at an increased cost.

If the main bearings are worn the rod bearings and lifters and cam lobes will generally also show wear and in some cases some or all should also be replaced,
this will frequently require the crank be machined so total engine disassembly and inspection is likely mandated, in the process.
when doing the bearing in an engine rebuild ,
and check ring to bore wall wear.

and you should carefully inspect rings and the valve train components like lifters cam lobes, valve guides valves springs rockers etc.
you have no idea of the extent of wear or journal conditions without careful inspection and accurate measurement
(especially on a previously rebuilt engine)
do yourself a favor, pull it down carefully inspect and accurately measure it and replace worn parts as required,
if the crank requires replacement , and/or the bores and rings/pistons are worn,
and also need to be be replaced you may want to consider a 383 stroker kit,
as they don,t cost a great deal more than a 350 kit will.
IF your goal is simply to get back into a driveable transportation car ,
you might also consider a crate engine as it will generally be faster and not cost all that much more,:D
than the total of the parts and machine shop costs in an engine rebuild
with a buddy to help most guys could pull out the old engine
,install the new long block and swap the required parts back,
and be driving in a weekend rather easily

links that may help,
but realistically, with a machine shop work delays and ordering parts,
it won,t be a weekend project in fact you'll be lucky,
if it takes 2-3 weeks to complete
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